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Inferiority complex


Time of issue:2020-04-01 00:00:00

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Inferiority complex

(Summary description)Our nation may be related to the stage we are in. Most people have an inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex

(Summary description)Our nation may be related to the stage we are in. Most people have an inferiority complex.

      Our nation may be related to the stage we are in. Most people have an inferiority complex. There are several manifestations of inferiority complex:
Tyrant phenomenon
      Although it seems that the local tyrants are very ostentatious, famous cars, famous bags, famous brand clothing, etc., in fact, the biggest problem of this kind of people is that they are afraid of being looked down on by others and have no connotation, so they only rely on these external things to support their faces. Every time I travel to Europe, I see too many compatriots snapping up brand-name products, and even every store is equipped with a Chinese translation. It seems that it is aimed at us Chinese. We gather the hard-earned money of working people in the hands of a few people to satisfy The so-called vanity. Switzerland should be the richest country in the world, but looking at the cars on their roads, there are almost no BMW Benz, they are a very frugal country. So waste is not a matter of habit, but a matter of mentality. Our demand for luxury goods does not reflect our consumption level to that point, but reflects the inferiority of our nation. The Chinese's ability to speak in front of everyone also illustrates this from one side. The inferiority complex usually shows two extremes: people of the same level are usually regarded as useless, and the five bodies of admired people are admired.
Negative Energy
      People with negative energy are usually inferior. These people dare not look directly at other people's strengths, and they are full of other people's shortcomings and problems. By pointing out other people's shortcomings and problems, they can prove that they are capable people and fear that their abilities will be ignored by others. Therefore, I like to criticize people, fight for victory, and focus on negative energy. These people usually focus on the shortcomings of others and their own strengths. It is difficult for such people to make progress.
      I personally think that if our nation wants to realize our Chinese dream and realize our great rejuvenation, with the improvement of living standards, we must greatly improve the confidence of our young people, especially before adulthood. Our education system, rankings, and rate of enrollment have caused many children to have an inferiority complex. After all, children who learn well are few.
      Here I share with you a small method of practicing a positive attitude. I stipulate that I do n’t comment on others every day. I must observe and summarize one of the advantages of people around me every day. It is not allowed to find shortcomings. I will share with others after finding out the advantages of others. Through training, when I first contacted Zhang Liangchong (an excellent entrepreneur in Shenzhen), I quickly caught him in the process of communication and communication, he has the advantage of "showing weakness", he often said that I did not graduate from university . By showing weakness, I quickly gained the favor of others. Showing weakness is an ability, and it is also a manifestation of self-confidence.

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