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How to increase revenue


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How to increase revenue

(Summary description)In this society, it can be said that I have people I like, but I do n’t think I have people who resent.

How to increase revenue

(Summary description)In this society, it can be said that I have people I like, but I do n’t think I have people who resent.

        I seldom do housework at home, and after dinner one day, my wife says you can help to wash the dishes. Under the guidance of my wife, I spent forty minutes washing the dishes. Then I told my wife, please evaluate the quality of my work. My wife looked at it and said that if it is calculated based on 100 points, it can only give you 50 points. I am curious to ask why. The wife went on to say, "Look, you just washed the pot, the outside is not cleaned, the stove is not cleaned, the sink is not cleaned, etc." I do it one by one. The next day, I voluntarily requested to wash the dishes and wash dishes. This time I remembered yesterday ’s mistakes. I cleaned up all the cleaning up and then asked my wife to check it out happily. After the inspection, my wife said, yes, great progress Very good for you. I was very uncomfortable after hearing this, why can't I exceed her expectations. Then I conscientiously summed up: firstly clarify the purpose and requirements of dishwashing; then I spent a long time in the kitchen and said in my heart, if I wash dishes tomorrow, what room do I have to improve. I remember it silently. On the third day, after I finished my meal, I ran into the kitchen and recorded the time when I started washing dishes. I started working. After the cooking utensils were cleaned, I took the initiative to put them in a disinfection cabinet. The purpose of washing dishes was to ensure hygiene. Then clean the trash bins, don't let the kitchen smell, and clean the floor at the same time, it took 40 minutes in total, about 5 liters of water. My wife was surprised and completely exceeded her expectations. Then I set the next day's goal: if it is completed within 35 minutes, how will I arrange the work order reasonably and how to control the water consumption to 4 liters next time? Two days full of expectations ...
      As you can see from the above story, if I am a nanny, if the quality of work every day is the same as the first day, if the income I get is 2000 yuan per month, if it is calculated on the second day, it must be more than 2000, What is the calculation based on the quality of work on the third day, and so on. I also think that if my babysitter does a good job in the end and runs a housekeeping training course, how about the income? Of course, the core competencies required for running housekeeping training are different, but the truth is the same.
      Everyone hopes that their income can continue to increase, but they do not know how to actively increase their income, thinking that the salary is issued by the unit or organization, and can only be determined by fate. He even complained and complained every day. In fact, it is you who decides your income. If you are an ordinary stone, the price will not be too high, if you want to give you a high price, you need to change from ordinary stone to diamond. Your income today depends on the level of core value you create based on your core capabilities. It is recommended that you make a list of your monthly expenses, time, and contacts, and then analyze: What costs are related to improving your core competencies, how much time is spent on improving core competencies, in interpersonal relationships, Who can help you improve your core abilities. I think after analyzing the list, most people will be surprised to find that their spending, time and energy, and interpersonal relationships are basically not related to improving their core competencies. If the result is true, you can basically judge your income will not increase much next year. Even if it takes time and energy, whether the core ability is improved depends on the learning effect and practice process, not to mention that no time and energy are invested in this aspect. You can also control your time and energy according to the job model mentioned in the previous chapter. Through key activities, integrate key resources and coordinate key partners to improve your core capabilities. The core ability is improved, the core value created is naturally increased, and your income will naturally increase.

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